Flip Player for Mac

Flip Player for Mac
Flip Player for Mac

With Flip Player, you can play everything QuickTime bolsters as a matter of course, for example, MOV and MP4/H.264/AAC. More configuration backing can be included through QuickTime segments. With Flip Player, your recordings look fresh and clear even on the most noteworthy determination Retina Display screens. Flip Player progressively blurs in route controls just when you require them and never on top of your video. With a basic, uncluttered configuration, Flip Player makes it simple to explore through your video. Scour, quick forward, rewind, skip, bounce or venture, while never darkening your video content.

For splendid and diversion free video playback, utilize the Dim Lights highlight to diminish the foundation of your screen. Get full pixel-to-pixel devotion with no scaling or introduction. Proficient video editors will love this. Player Pro includes JKL route and Command/Period venturing to give more effective one-gave playback control. Furthermore, regardless of the possibility that you’re not an expert video editorial manager, these controls are enjoyable to utilize.

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