PrizeRebel Hack

PrizeRebel Hack
PrizeRebel Hack

That is the uplifting news for you. A few month prior, we got various solicitation from our hackbud fans for a bot that gives you a chance to create focuses. Sort of a prizerebel focuses hack all things considered its not a hack. It is only a bot that accumulates all the current assignments accessible in your general vicinity, (this obviously incorporates studies since this are the ones that yield more focuses), and takes a shot at the foundation of your PC and finishes this errand for you. Now that is productive, right. Kinda like our swagbucks hack bot and points2shop hack that accumulates focuses and credits for you consequently.

Alright, you prepared? Be that as it may, before you begin, let me demonstrat to you a sample. I just made a fake record for this reason. So my new record is near zero focuses or atleast it has 10 focuses. Goodness coincidentally, before it slips my mind, make certain to have about few focuses in your record. On the other hand atleast it is not zero to maintain a strategic distance from your exercises from being followed. Maybe a couple undertaking done physically is sufficient and yes, any errands inside of the prizerebel action zone is fine. So the screen shot underneath demonstrates to you my record with 10 focuses.


Utilizing our bot instrument, you basic login your points of interest and minimize it to your plate and let it do its thing. Since I am focusing for a free psn card, I require 1000 point. In the wake of running it for a couple of hours, I achieved the 1000 focuses.

The bot has a few components. One of which is that you can set the objective focuses for it to run. For this situation, I set it to 1000 focuses so when it passes that sum, it consequently stops and closes.

prizerebel bot

In the event that you require this bot, you can get to the download page for nothing through the connection underneath.

Download links for PrizeRebel Hack:


iosd androidd


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