Spray Survival Cheats

Spray Survival Cheats

Shower Survival is the most recent diversion discharged by KiwiGame and in it you control Buzz. Buzz is a space explorer who needs your abstain from hitting shooting stars and survive his excursion through space. To do this you have to tap the screen to control air splash which helps route him around the obstructions and into powerups, for example, help bubbles.

Spray Survival Cheats
Spray Survival Cheats

There are a couple of good tricks for the amusement which you can use to expand his air supply, build the quantity of help air pockets, furthermore back the diversion off so it’s less demanding to maintain a strategic distance from the shooting stars.

Splash Survival Hack Codes

The primary trick for shower survival is the expanded air supply swindle. For the air supply cheat you have to enter the accompanying code in the hack programming 1928301 – If you don’t have the hack programming yet you can download it on our site. Fundamentally this code just expands your air supply to twofold what it ought to be. So in the event that you ought to just have 25% of your air supply left you will really have half.

The second splash survival hack is the expanded air bubbles cheat. To utilize the expanded air bubbles cheat you have to enter the accompanying code 1928330. This code just copies the measure of air rises in the diversion making it route simpler to stay alive. Ace tip: you can really utilize both the expanded air supply and air bubbles cheats in the meantime! By doing this current it’s essentially like having 4 times the measure of air in the amusement.

The last cheat accessible for splash survival starting now is the moderate movement cheat. This equitable backs off the diversion to half speed which makes it route less demanding to avoid snags like space rocks or shooting stars. To actuate the moderate mo variant you can utilize the accompanying code 1928333.

Spray Survival Cheats

Let me recognize what all of you think about these tricks. On the off chance that you find any longer tricks or glitches for the ios diversion shower survival leave us a remark on this post. In the event that it works we’ll add it to this post and give you credit.

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