WarRock Hacks v5.11

WarRock Hacks v5.11

– anti-kick fixed
– jumphack fixed
– weapon hack fixed


-Unl. Ammo
-All Weapons (inclusive TAR-21 & Dual Scorpions)
-No Recoil
-No Spread
-Unl. Stamina


This hack is created with a new method not used before. Punkbuster only scans the running programms, WarRock only check the files on start-up. This hack tweaks the warrock files so you don’t have to use the programm every time.

Run it once and your WarRock is patched !!
The hack is implemented in the warrock code and will be activated by pressing CTRL + F6 ingame. When WarRock is shutdown, the hack will be unpatched.

Where other hacks only work for one week, this one works even after that. Until now it’s undetected. Every Thursday warrock will be updated, when it’s updated i will check if the hack is working. When something doesn’t work anymore i will fix it and upload it in 12 hours after the update. The new version will be uploaded too piratebay again.

Download links for WarRock Hacks v5.11:



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