Xray Resource Pack

Strongestcraft is a basic asset/surface pack for Minecraft, that gives you the same abillity as Xray mods and hacks. It is as simple as introducing a typical composition pack. In any case, this implies it does not have certain elements that ordinary Xray mods will have. For instance you are not ready to pick which squares to show and so on. It works by making certain squares straightforward (like grass), with the goal that you can see through them.

It is perfect with any mod and we prescribe you to utilize it with OptiFine.

You can utilize it online on multiplayer servers and you won’t get banned. Know that the asset pack itself can not get you banned, but rather a few servers have introduced mods that recognizes what number of jewels and so on you cultivate, on the off chance that they can see you cultivated a major cluster of precious stones in 1 day, they may get alarmed.


Default Minecraft Resource Pack

Strongestcraft asset pack


Minecraft Xray Texture and Resource Pack Minecraft Xray Texture and Resource Pack Minecraft Xray Texture and Resource Pack Minecraft Xray Texture and Resource Pack


Basic Xray

Step by step instructions to utilize Strongestcraft

Simply introduce the asset/surface pack.

Step by step instructions to introduce Xray asset pack

Download the Resource Pack.

Begin Minecraft.

Xray Resource Pack
Xray Resource Pack

Press Esc and go to choices.

Click on “Asset Packs”.

Click on “Open asset pack envelope”.

Put the .compress record that you downloaded into the asset pack envelope.

The asset pack ought to now show up in Minecraft, now pick the asset pack and snap “Done”.


Download links for Xray Resource Pack:


iosd androidd


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